Best 3D launcher for android

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Customizing a mobile device is an ordinary thing that every individual can do at any time. It enables people to makeover a phone or a tablet substantially, add plenty of functionality, more features as well as make it more entertaining while it is used. There could not be any better ways of customizing a mobile device rather than to install a 3d launcher, so in this article, we will have a look at the top 10 applications. INTERNAL_LINK

Best 3D launcher for android

Top 3d launchers for android

3d launchers are constantly updated as well as the new products also unveiled on the market. Choosing the right application might be very complex; therefore making a choice from the top of the list might be a wise decision. Here are the most popular applications that deservedly make the top ten lists: INTERNAL_LINK

  1. TSF launcher 3D shell.
  2. CM launcher 3D.
  3. Glass Tech 3D Live theme.
  4. Next launcher3D shell lite.
  5. C Launcher 3D.
  6. Lightlaunch light 3D launcher.
  7. Jelly 3D launcher.
  8. 3D next theme launcher for Samsung and Huawei.
  9. MXHome launcher.
  10. 3D launcher VS.

Best 3D launcher for android

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Features of 3D launcher for android

It is the range of features that each application has that makes it very popular among customers and critics. 3D launchers differ substantially from ordinary launchers. It has much better animations and transitions effects. 3D screens are more effective and much better in terms of interactions. It has better graphics and resolution, which is adored by many customers.  INTERNAL_LINK

The range of features also include the following:

  • Enormous amounts of different layouts for the screen.
  • Animations layouts and switching modes.
  • Animation bars allow changing positions, angles, layouts, configurations of: the screen themes, icons, icons’ sizes, statuses, length of animations etc.
  • Exclusive widgets range is enormous and includes clocks, bars, music, weather, memos, images etc.
  • Gesture supported commands and shortcuts.
  • Icons editing is possible including sizes, image, back images, shades, text labels and types.
  • Intuitive menus and settings.

The range of different features is enormous and in many ways exclusive for each application. It is constantly improved and updated, so whatever app is chosen it is much better to have a look at the features it has to offer separately.

Download 3D launcher for android

There are plenty of different websites that can offer free downloads of the applications. However, many people would agree that it is much better to opt for making a download from the official website or from other official sources like iTunes and Google Play Store. The official sources also offer the free download of 3D launchers, so there is no reason to turn to third parties. INTERNAL_LINK

Here is what has to be done:

  • Search the internet by quoting the name of the application.
  • The system will give you the results that contain plenty of shortcuts directly to the sites and the pages where download can be made.
  • Click on the link that will direct you to the official website or Google Play Store.
  • Then find an icon that will enable you to make installation or download.
  • You also may be asked to be authorized as Store’s account must be ready or alternatively, you will have to be registered.

How to install 3D launcher for android?

The installation process is relatively simple. It is assumed that the download was made directly on a mobile device. INTERNAL_LINK Then do the following:

  • Access download section or the folder where the download of the file was made.
  • Press on the icon.
  • The pre-installation process will begin where you will have to press “Next” icons whatever is necessary.
  • Accept terms and conditions.
  • Press install icon at the end.
  • The procedure will take a short while

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