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All of us would like to try something different and new, therefore customizing mobile devices by making a decent makeover is a very popular thing that many individuals do with their phones and tablets. One of the best ways of making such customization is to install a new launcher application that will shake up your phone completely and will bring lots of new features as well as will provide you totally new experience whilst using it. Apex launcher application is widely regarded as one of the best and here is why. INTERNAL_LINK

Apex launcher download app

Features of Apex launcher app

The range of features as well as the use of the application, in general, are so great that the application has won lots of awards and topped most of the coveted list of the best applications in recent years. It is very smooth, colorful and user-friendly tool. The application offers high-resolution graphics, a variety of different themes that can be downloaded and updated frequently and a different configuration of icons and folders.  INTERNAL_LINK

The sizes of icons and folders can also be changed or even to be hidden away if you do not use if frequently. The main features also include: INTERNAL_LINK

Apex launcher download app

  • Grid sized of the home screen can be customized, whereas the total amount of nine options of the screens are available.
  • Infinite and elastic scrolling.
  • The dock can be scrolled up to five different pages.
  • Transition effects are available too.
  • Every element could be hidden including search and status bars as well as the docks.
  • Custom labels and icons can be created for shortcuts.
  • Multiple drawer styles are available.
  • Desktop lock.
  • The app is optimized for both tablets and mobile phones.
  • Even more, features are available.

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Download Apex launcher

Just like with any other application there are plenty of different options of downloading apex launcher for free from many different resources. Those who will opt to download and install the application are allowed to do whatever is suitable for them. It has to be remembered that security must be the top priority whilst using unofficial websites, therefore reading feedback is always essential so that no unauthorized programs and viruses were sent to your device or PC. The best way, however, is of cause to go to the official website or to Google Play Store where the download can be made officially and free of charge anyway. INTERNAL_LINK

Here is what you should do:

  • Make the internet search by typing in Download Apex Launcher.
  • The system will give you variety of different links.
  • At the top of the list look for the official website link or link to Google Play Store.
  • Click on either of them whereas if you press on Google then you will have a better chance of updating the themes in the future right from your Google play store account.
  • At the top of the page look for install icon.
  • Press on it and you will be asked to be authorized.
  • Then the download will be possible to be made.

How to install Apex launcher on an Android device?

In order to install the app the following has to be done: NTERNAL_LINK

  • Access downloads section on your android or any other section where the downloaded application has been saved.
  • Click on the icon and follow the standard procedure.
  • Click on “Next” buttons whatever is appropriate.
  • Terms and conditions for using the application have to be accepted.
  • Click on “Install” icon.

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